Recap of AMA with OKExChain: Round 2

Everyone who has gotten their hands on $FLUX through liquidity mining or purchasing the token will be able to participate in the governance. Even without a DAO in place right now, we encourage everyone to participate in the development of Flux Protocol. Technical and community support is always needed. Feel free to join our Telegram group if you want to actively participate.

As DAOs are complicated, we are exploring different options and will announce the final DAO mechanism with everyone, so everyone with $FLUX can participate in the ecosystem development!

In V2 when users borrow, they can only choose to interact with whitelisted smart contracts to level up their farming. It’s true: multiplying the yield farming principles comes with higher risks through the leverage! When the collateral cannot cover the platform’s necessary transactions or fees, liquidation of the loan will occur. The liquidation rules state: when the debt ratio reaches a pre-defined rate, liquidation will be triggered. The depth ratio is defined as the debt value divided by position value. The debt value is the value of a user’s borrowed assets, and the position value is the value of a user’s farming position (collateral + borrowed assets + value of LP tokens)

You can read more about it here:

We already have staking implemented on Flux V1 on all chains, you can stake them there! We encourage and incentivize users to stake :D

We’re also in discussion with other partners to provide FLUX with more use-cases!

Since Flux Protocol is developed by ZeroOne Foundation, and there are other ecosystem projects developed by ZeroOne, $FLUX will also have use-cases within the ZeroOne ecosystem for sure!

As for how many you can earn, that depends on the circulating supply and the max supply. Since Flux Protocol’s max supply is set for 21 million (4 year release), you will never be able to have more than that! :P

We try our best to keep it error free! Since we’re developing everything in-house from 0 to 1, we know our contracts inside out. Which cannot be said for the thousands for forked projects!

Yes, all our audits are done by CertiK! You can find them here:

That’s a great question! We have plenty of things to do for community members to further develop the Flux Protocol Ecosystem! Join us in and message our admins for further details!

If you have any questions on how to use Flux Protocol you can always check our documentation here: . Not to brag, but it’s one of the most detailed in the industry! In addition, always feel free to ask questions in our communities:



We are also planning on video tutorials, to make it even easier for everyone!

Thank you so much for today’s AMA!



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