Flux Protocol — Liquidity Mining Launching on Arbitrum

Flux Protocol
1 min readNov 2, 2021

After Polygon, we’re ready to start the liquidity mining program on Arbitrum. It’s long been due, but the wait was worth it, since V3 and our unique integrate Refinance function to bridge your collateral between chains directly on Flux is launching along with the liquidity mining!

As always, we are allocating a special bootstrap incentive of 900 $FLUX per day on Arbitrum for users, which is additional and lasting for 2 weeks!

The official FLUX token on Arbitrum is:
and can be viewed here:

Since Flux Protocol is already launched on Arbitrum, you can already lend and borrow your favourite digital assets ahead of time to not miss-out even 0.0000001 seconds of the liquidity mining rewards here: Flux Protocol — Arbitrum.

The fToken addresses can be found here: Arbitrum fToken addresses

Besides lending and borrowing, Sushiswap LP providers for the pair FLUX-USDC will be rewarded as well! The LP contract address is:


Join Flux Protocol’s community:

Website: https://flux.01.finance/

Whitepaper: https://fluxdoc.01.finance/english/flux-whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zero1_flux

Medium: https://01-flux.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/flux01

Discord: https://discord.gg/W2bAWBkF5K



Flux Protocol

Flux Protocol is a borderless lending protocol, where low transaction fees and cross-chain interoperability are the reality